Jean on Sea Lion Island

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Why Amelia Silver? That is my nom de camera.

The book LAND ROVERS OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS by Jean & Denis Crankshaw is now available.

The book launch held on Sunday January 29, 2017 in Stanley, East Falkland went so well that we sold out before the end!

We thank Sharon Jaffray of Penguin News for her article on the book launch in the February 3 issue

I hope that you enjoy viewing some of my work from faraway places as well as earlier works.

I offer a variety of custom services, creating material for all your personal and business requirements. Tell us your needs and I will create a unique and beautiful product for you. I am also available for photo assignments.

Although images are arranged in galleries according to my interests, the boundaries are fluid and you will notice some overlap. These images are available as archival Giclée prints and as cards. Please contact us for further information.

King Penguins at Volunteer Point

King penguins and a Gentoo at Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands

The approach to Chartres from Port Howard, West Falkland

The approach to Chartres from Port Howard, West Falkland

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