Land Rovers of the Falkland Islands

This glossy 90 page gift book features coloured photographs of Land Rovers in the Falkland Islands with descriptive text. It includes 150 photographs of Land Rovers ranging from Series I to Defender 130 as well as scenic photographs of the islands, penguins and other wildlife. Land Rovers from collectors and private owners are presented. We showcase such beauties as a rare Roadless Traction 109″ Forest Rover and a stunning 1955 Series I 86″ hardtop (cover image). This book would be suitable for Land Rover enthusiasts as well as those interested in the Falkland Islands.

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    • REVIEWS:“This book is a personal reflection of Jean and Denis’ passion for Land Rovers and its pages celebrate the diversity of this marque within this unique landscape whilst capturing the history and character of each vehicle and its owner. This is a colourful and distinctive book which is both fun and informative – a great adornment for your coffee table.”
      – Ros Woodham, Legend magazine – issue 190 and Classic Land Rover magazine – issue 42.

      “Canadians Jean and Denis Crankshaw spent many months photographing the extraordinary geography and wildlife, combined with evocative photos of Land Rovers, in their book ‘Land Rovers of the Falkland Islands’. Jean started her Land Rover life in 1970, when she bought a new Series II-A 109″ with a custom roof rack. It took her from Edmonton, Alberta to Chiapas, Mexico, and back. She never looked back and in 2014, found herself on a Falkland Island off-road trip with local Ken Aldridge, who told her, “Most young Falklanders learned to drive Land Rovers as soon as their feet reached the pedals.” The captions just hint at the story behind the remarkable vehicles that capture the spirit of Land Rover. The Crankshaw’s compelling photographs provide click bait for your travel site of choice.”
      – Jeff Aronson, ROVERS Magazine – Holiday 2016 issue.

      “The unforgiving terrain means that a 4×4 is essential and that’s why land Rovers – especially leaf-sprung Series models – are as common as penguins. This lovely book by Canadians Jean and Denis Crankshaw features most of them. Good old Landies, characterful owners and stunning scenery combine to make you wish you were there”.
      – Dave Phillips, Land Rover Monthly magazine – October issue.

      “Here’s something completely different: a 90-page softback featuring glorious colour images of the workhorses that are as common as sheep on this rugged outcrop of islands in the South Atlantic that will remain forever British. Read this book and you’ll probably realise why some folk reckoned the place was worth going to war for.”
      – GEAR GUIDE December 2016, free with Land Rover Monthly magazine.

      We have just received a sixth review by Dan Clements, former editor of Built 2 last, the Series II Club magazine in their Autumn 2016 issue.

      Dan Clements’ review in Built 2 last